About 8Quiz

An no holds bar endless quiz! 1000's of multiple choice and true and false questions. See how much general knowledge you have!

How to Play 

1) Main goal: To get the highest score you can by guessing as many correct answers as possible.

2) Question types: There are multiple choice questions and true/false questions.

3) Multipliers: The more you guess correctly in a row, the higher the multiplier, which will give you more points per correct answer.

4) Skip: You have the option to can skip any question, but it will cost you points and you will lose your multiplier.

5) Lives: By default, you start with 3 lives. Getting a wrong answer or not answering within 30 seconds will cost you a life. At 0 lives, it is game over.

6) Note: The leaderboard does not work on Itch.io browser.  To play for global  high scores, go to the main website at http://www.8quiz.com

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